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hospoIQ provides real-time, historical and predictive sales, wage cost and financial information, delivered directly to your mobile phone or web browser. Regardless of what systems you use, it delivers ‘plug and play’ integration with your POS, rostering system and Xero in an instant.
With extensive features such as cash-ups, recipe costings, Xero sales invoice generation and multi-site reporting, hospoIQ is a complete Business Intelligence solution for the hospitality industry. Find out more



Our retail franchise solution provides reporting, both at group franchise level, as well as store level, so each franchise owner has live and historic visibility of sales, inventory and GP analysis, that are key to running a successful retail store. 
Our cloud-based platform also ensures each store is complying with franchise requirements through capturing core product ranges while providing live visibility and calculations of rebate amounts for the stores. 
This platform can manage all promotions, including facilitating the supplier offer/bid process.  All of this is achieved through key integrations with their existing business systems including their POS and delivered in a secure, cloud-based web application.
This solution is customizable to fit your business needs and requirements, and can be company branded, including a particular colour scheme.


Our Trade and Construction solution allows you to manage all aspects of Job management. From the initial quoting phase, to scheduling your staff for jobs, resource allocation and providing a platform to complete and store all required compliance  and g notes. We also have the ability to integrate with your project management tool (e.g. Workflow Max) and your accounting software (e.g. Xero, MYOB). Our reporting suite offers true visibility of your jobs/projects progress with in depth insights allowing you to monitor your KPI's at every phase.



In a world where business advisory is the new norm, professional services companies face countless challenges with the reporting and analytics technology and capability.  MyIQ overcomes these by providing a unique, self-service and white-labelled (branded as your own) platform to easily deliver the outputs your customers expect.
Utilising the immense power of Microsoft Power BI and the many sales, inventory, roster and financial integrations of MyIQ, key insights can be easily obtained through simple plug-and-play integrations as well as client management via the MyIQ admin portal. Find out more