Providing state-of-the-art, cloud-based solutions that work for your business

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2IQ is an innovative IT company which develops and hosts, intelligent, highly cost-effective, secure, cloud-based solutions which empower your business to operate more efficiently and make better operational decisions, on a day to day basis. By integrating with your existing business systems, we can provide software solutions that fit with the way your business operates.



At 2IQ, we provide software through an iterative delivery approach.  This means you will receive working software in short timeframes (e.g. weekly), thus allowing change and improvements to take place in subsequent iterations based on your feedback.  This is achieved by delivering your solution on our secure hosted platform that enables you to see the latest changes instantly on your phone, tablet or computer.  This delivery approach and platform means zero IT infrastructure or investment is required at your end.

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On all our projects we utilize leading Microsoft Technologies, Microsoft Azure and Power Bi. This allows us to create our solutions in a constantly evolving, secure environment. Helping us to provide cutting-edge software, with the space to grow with technological developments in the future, at an affordable price for our Clients.

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